This may sound like a total oxymoron title and it is. What on earth am I talking about? We all know that being inconvenienced is typically something we like to avoid. Those little things that pop up in life that can turn our day from what we thought what would happen to something completely different.


A convenience on the other hand is something that makes like better, easier, or even less stressful. So how do these two terms go together? Let me explain.


Have you ever been delayed in leaving to go somewhere and were totally frustrated because you didn’t leave when you planned to only to find out that a terrible wreck occurred just moments before you arrived. You thought, “Hmm, had I left at the proper time, I might have been involved in that wreck!”


Or, you visited your doctor for shoulder pain only to discover something more serious in the x-ray that might have been overlooked had you waited too long. This really did happen to me and actually ended up saving my life. It was one of those moments in life where you were completely blown away by a different outcome.


I write this today as we all encounter things that might seem completely off, inconvenient, or frustrating. Often, if we just give it a bit of time, we can see the big picture and perhaps understand that what we thought was inconvenient was actually a good thing. Time, patience, and perseverance are often the very best things to help us see past the right here and now which might appear to be quite bleak.


Real estate can be this same way. A problem can arise at the 11th hour. When cool heads prevail and all parties are seeking to find a win-win, most often a potential deal-killer can and will be avoided. Everyone walks away happy and you look like a hero.


If you are in an inconvenient or difficult situation this very moment, stop and assess the situation, seek alternative routes or solutions, and never give up. You might very well find out that a huge wreck was avoided and what seemed difficult is now a clear path to safety. Life is funny this way.


Now get out there and take on your day! Live it fully and seek the big picture. You might just find that inconvenience to be quite convenient!