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Most of you have probably noticed that the world, our nation, states, and individual communities are split regarding many topics. We all know there will never be 100 percent consensus on any given topic. However, at some point, we must focus on what really matters.

Many of you are experiencing record-high temperatures and wildfires. My community is going through this as I write this post. We have endured weeks of triple-digit temperatures. With these dry and parched conditions, it was only a matter of time before the wildfires erupted.

We now have our first responders, firefighters, and untold numbers of volunteers doing whatever they can to put these fires out. They are risking their lives as they withstand the brutal conditions. These physical fires are the real threat right now.

Despite the realities of these real-life threats, the ugliness of our local political climate is also raging. The fuel of the hate-filled, divisiveness, and rhetoric rages like wildfire on social media. The keyboard warriors spew their hate-filled words that are designed to ignite anger, cause distrust, and create division.

Wouldn’t it be nice if people would place their energy on things that truly matter? Helping one another, spreading words of kindness, and having a willing heart to volunteer and assist others could replace the wasted time and energy on things that are matters of opinion. Let’s get back to focusing on what truly matters.