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Today I was listening to one of the March Madness coaches interviews from Furman University. This team did the unimaginable and upset a top seed in the NCAA tournament. The young man who hit the buzzer 3-point basket came out as a hero of the game.

The coach said in the interview that his player, JP Pegues who hit the incredibly deep, 3-point buzzer shot had not performed that well throughout the game. However, he told said of the player, “This young man was prepared for THAT shot! He comes to practice early and he stays late.” He continued saying, “The hard work this young man put in paid off when it was needed.”

Isn’t this true of most things in life? The more prepared we are, the better chance we have to find success. During a clutch real estate transaction, the agents who have trained and prepared will be the agents who succeed in getting the tough deals to the finish line. The extra work via training, courses, and learning to remain calm in a tough situation, will result in being prepared for the clutch shot.

How are you staying prepared in real estate? Are you staying on top of trends and putting in the required work? If the answer is yes, then more than likely, you are a prepared real estate agent.

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