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Some dear friends of ours decided to try and save some money by being their own builder for their personal home. Everyone wants to save money right? Of course we do! The problem however, is when that great idea actually becomes a MAJOR expense.


This people are smart, in the trades business for builders and decided that by being around the industry they would be able to contract out their own home. They did have a “good friend” who was the builder of record so they could get their project approved. What ensued down the road will make your hair curl!


Everything started off nice and peachy. Things began to go wonky little by little. The first “off” signs were contractors not showing up. Next were the items scheduled to be delivered either not showing up or were damaged when they did. Finally, the so called “friend” wasn’t returning phone calls.


This couple found the bank calling in their note as their home sat unfinished and deteriorating. Their budget was completely blown and their moral at an all-time low. They were angry, humiliated and felt very betrayed.


Unfortunately, I have seen this scenario play itself out over and over. And, it isn’t always with building a home. Sometimes it is with the “be your own real estate agent”, or perhaps the DIY project gone bad.


The good news is this couple is finally completing their home. Needless to say, the end result ended up costing them much more than they originally planned. They learned a tough lesson and lament that they should have used a professional builder from start to finish. A hard lesson they are sharing with others.


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