Does Your Home Pass the Smell Test?

The Nose Knows

Sellers, the way your home smells matters! As an agent who has entered thousands of homes, scent is an immediate and lasting impression. Therefore, evaluating how your home odors affect others is paramount when listing your property on the market.

It is important to have a third party to give you an honest smell-test! In our own homes, we are not the best judge as we become olfactory-numb in our personal environments. Ask for an honest opinion of the freshness or not so fresh smells in your home.

Next, receive the candid feedback and be prepared to tackle any smelly challenges. Remember, first impressions include first smell-pressions. Prepare your home to pass the smell test.

Below, are some of the main stinky culprits:

  • Pets. Embedded pet odors in carpets, litter boxes, urine, pet food, and even pillows and bedding. Wash all bedding, consider replacing carpets if the smell is deep.
  • Garbage cans can harbor lots of foul smells. Scented trash bags can help but most of all, take the trash out daily.
  • Sinks and garbage disposals. Sinks can collect big-time gunk and grunge. Use fresh citrus fruits to clean the sink and grind in the disposal.
  • Duct-work.  If you smoke or haven’t cleaned the air filters recently, it is time. Replace the filters and if needed, have the duct-work professionally cleaned.
  • Bathrooms. No surprise here that the bathroom could pose a stink issue. Bathrooms need to be meticulously cleaned and kept sparkling during all showings. Scrub tiles, backsplash, drains, and of course the toilet.
  • Laundry rooms can also be culprits for nasty smells. Keep that laundry under control when showing your home.


  • Use essential oils to diffuse throughout your home. These natural scents are a much healthier way to ensure your home smells its best. Electric plug-ins,  scented candles, and sprays can pose health issues and can be way too strong. Homes with “perfumey” heavy odors can cause allergic reactions to sensitive people.
  • Cut up fresh citrus fruits, cinnamon sticks, cloves, and herbs to simmer on the stove. Your home will be instantly transformed.
  • Get rid of old, bedding, carpets, rugs, pillows, and other musty-laden fabrics. Not only will this help your home smell better, but less is also best when showing your home.
  • Keep laundry put away and washed. Large piles of dirty clothes can cause quite a stink. Throw in a tube sock tied and filled with baking soda into the laundry basket in between washings. This will help absorb the stench.
  • Absolutely NO smoking! This is one of the biggest turn-offs for buyers.

Ask your agent to give your home the Smell Test! Receive the feedback without getting your feelings hurt. A fresh-smelling home does make a huge impression.

Call us at Beam & Branch Realty. Our agents will give you an honest olfactory assessment! We will help you with every aspect of getting your home on the market and ultimately, SOLD! Call us today. Our noses are ready!