Pop Up Staging

Yesterday, I did what I call a “pop-up staging” for a new listing. What this entails is having the SellerĀ remove as much of their own decorative knick-knacks and allow me to bring a carload of strategically chosen staging items. The reason for this is to ensure the best possible photographs for the listing.

While homeowners are living in their homes, personalizing their homes makes sense. However, now that the home is going on the market, Sellers must view the home in a new light. Now it is time to shift to marketing strategies and showing the home in the most effective ways possible.

Pop-up staging involves the following:

  • Decorative items that will photograph well. Not too busy and will blend with any decor.
  • A dramatic item that will add a nice splash to your photographs.
  • Pillows and throws to soften and accent.
  • Well-placed greenery to add a pop of color.
  • Table runners, place settings, etc.
  • Front porch accents (plants, flowers)
  • A few easy to hang pictures to use if needed.

My goal for a pop-up staging situation is to simply visually pull a home together to ensure the professional photographs show the home in the very best way. Additionally, we know that great pictures grab the attention of a potential buyer much more effectively. I think of it like this, strategic staging is like putting on your jewelry in the morning.

At a listing appointment where a seller’s decor just won’t photograph well, I instruct them to pack up all of their decoratives. That way, they are one step closer to moving and it leaves me with a clean palate to work with. I am able to come in with just a few items that I can move from area to area during the photoshoot.

This is one of the extra perks I provide my clients with. We get one opportunity for first-impressions. A pop-up staging can make a huge difference when placing your home on the market.

Call me today atĀ Beam & Branch Realty. It’s all in the details and the details make the difference. I am looking forward to working with you!