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Today as I watched my little guy heading into his first day of Kindergarten, my heart was swollen with pride, nostalgia, and a little lump in my throat.  How did these years go by so quickly? How quickly will the next few years go by?


After waving goodbye, I headed to my real estate office and had some time of reflection. Watching all of the little ones with their brand new backpacks, fresh school supplies, new haircuts, and back to school outfits, I couldn’t help but smile at some of the similarities between Real Estate and Kindergarten.


Now stay with me a minute and I think you will get it as well.  During my reflection, I began to remember how my first day of real estate felt. I was eager to begin a new chapter of my life, my pencils were sharpened, and I was all scrubbed up and ready to go.


As newbies to real estate, remember back to the feeling of “what have I done now?”  And, “how will I ever learn all that I need to learn?” There was certainly excitement, yet also a bit of fear of the unknown. The new hallways, rules, and guidelines loomed with a bit of uncertainty.


Another similarity between real estate and kindergarten is meeting all of the new faces. Your fellow agents, Title Company representatives, mortgage lenders, inspectors, and clients were all new. This was a certainly a time that felt like the new kid in school for sure.


My biggest take-away from today was remembering the excitement of a new beginning. As we are all in various levels of our real estate careers, may we never forget to remember why we entered into this field. May we never lose our sense of excitement.


May we enter each new transaction with the enthusiasm and zest that we did early on in our career. Every client we have the privilege of working with deserves our very best. Therefore, let us never forget why we do what we do!


As the new school year is upon us, take a moment to think back to the excitement and wonder of kindergarten. Imagine if we brought that enthusiasm into each and every day of our real estate careers!We would be UNSTOPPABLE!