In this remodeling and HGTV awakening era, as real estate agents, we’ve all seen the great updates as well as the examples of what NOT to do! Recently, I was showing my son who is hoping to be a first time home buyer some remodeled homes in the Houston area. Due to the flooding Houston has experienced, currently there are hundreds of remodeled and updated homes on the market.

In viewing homes all over the Houston area, it became obvious very quickly the differences in quality, versus lipstick on a pig jobs. While most of these homes had crisp, new colors on the walls, gleaming tile choices, and updated fixtures, there were many whose covered-up flaws were very apparent. Learning to look past the glam is essential as we guide our clients through the buying process.

Some of the most common “cover-ups” included the slapping of the exterior paint over rotted siding. As you view the outside of the home, painted over soggy siding is easy to spot. While at first glance, the fresh paint can give the appearance of a beautifully remodeled home, the reality many times, is the obvious hiding of the flaws.

While I am certainly not a trained home inspector, I have toured enough homes to be able to spot a fake! When representing our buyers, it is our job to point out the obvious flaws. The patchwork ceilings and  paint cover-ups provide us with excellent clues to the overall workmanship of the remodel.

Be on the lookout for the “lipstick on the pig” remodeling jobs. Your buyer may be inheriting what appears to be a cute, updated home only to be surprised with a hidden agenda of expensive repairs. Do your homework and make sure you fully inspect and uncover any of that lipstick that may be hiding more than you bargained for.

Is it lipstick on a pig? Check out those remodel jobs carefully.

When you are ready to find the home of your dreams, give us a call at Beam & Branch Realty! We are here to assist you in the buying or selling process. More importantly, we want to help you avoid the lipstick on a pig remodel!