Do you get tired of hearing excuses? Excuses get old especially when they are used over and over. The dictionary says an excuses is; an attempt to lessen the blame attaching to (a fault or offense); to seek, defend or to justify. 


I know in my life, excuses are not what gets the job done.  An excuse is certainly not going to propel you forward with your goals and dreams. As many of us made New Year Resolutions and we are now into our second month of the year, perhaps the excuses are creeping in as to why you are not where you would like to be.


My question then for this post is what are you excusing today? And then, what would happen if you threw those same, tired excuses out of the door? My comment is, “I bet you would find many doors would open you determined were shut!”


We are often our biggest hold up for opportunities, advancement or going after something you think is way out there crazy! Each of us is gifted with various gifts, talents and strengths. Take a moment to evaluate what you love, what you are good at doing, and what it is you really want to do.


Next, STOP making excuses and go after those dreams and goals.  Get out of your own way and walk boldly through the open doors you determined were shut! You my friend, have the ability to open those doors!


“Have you fully LIVED today?”