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Have you ever taken a self-assessment of what is the message that you are leaving behind? Perhaps you haven’t thought about it. It is so easy to go through our day, deal with our “stuff” and forget to recognize what our message to the world is conveying by our actions, words, or deeds.


Many times you may have someone ask you, “Hey, what’s wrong with you today?”  Perhaps you didn’t even realize that you were sending out a negative vibe.  Maybe you really did have a rough day,  received some bad news, or just don’t feel very well.  We certainly all have those days.


This post is to place the focus on stopping every now and then to assess what is the “message” you are portraying.  It is easy to become complacent and you don’t even know that you are leaving a message that destroys rather than spreading joy.  And trust me, your words, actions, and deeds most definitely affect others.


Take a moment today to assess your state of mind.  What words flow out of you easily?  Are they positive or negative?  Are they uplifting or are they destructive?  Are they kind or are they harsh?


I choose to spread joy as often as possible.  I too like being the recipient of joy from others.  What are you choosing today?


“Have you fully LIVED today?”